Frequently asked questions

Athena Crypto Bank is a digital asset Broker based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Its success is based on its team of experienced international traders, insider information from the world of business and technology; Athena Crypto Bank stands out from its competitors for its proven quality and ease of use. Furthermore, we take the interests of our community very seriously, which is why we will never betray the trust of those who advised you to join us.

There is no risk-free investment: whoever promises that to you, is probably a scammer, otherwise an insider would be charging you a large fee in order to secure his own profit. 

What we can promise you is that we evaluate with great attention all the projects we invest in, as we ourselves are the first to invest our money in the proposed projects. We don't go into projects where the business plan or team in charge is unclear, and we don't invest in any pyramidal scheme. The investment fund is not always available and selectable on the website, as in case we do not have an opportunity with very little risk and at a good price we prefer not to invest and wait for better projects. This modus operandi has, until now, allowed us to have significant results with minimal risks.

So far, the best investment has been in a fund that has yielded 22 times the investment.

Funds are always created by buying different crypto coins to diversify and reduce the risk of exposure. The best coin that gave the fund the best result so far was "BIFI", bought at 79 USD and sold at 1845 USD (almost a 2235% profit compared to the investment paid).

Sure! All investment funds managed by Athena Crypto Bank can be released at any time without any additional fees. We only ask you to block your investment for at least 15 days in order to allow us to guarantee you a minimum profit on your investment.

Commissions are calculated only on profit and not on paid-up capital. 

Fees are set up in this way:

Level 0 - 50%

Level 1 - 30%

Level 2 - 25%

Level 3 - 20%

The levels depend on the amount of ath you have in your account. 

Visit the page: ATH Token

Every time you invite a new user using your referral link, you will receive the equivalent of 1% of his deposit capital as commission. This percentage will be credited to your wallet immediately after your friend has locked his money in one of our investment funds. 

ATH are the coins of Athena Crypto Bank.
There are the following levels:

Level 0 - You don't need any ATH

Level 1 - 5,000 ATH minimum

Level 2 - 50,000 ATH minimum

Level 3 - 500,000 ATH minimum


Here the BSC contract


You can buy ATH here



Visit the page: ATH Token