When you invest in crypto:

- Download Google Authenticator on your phone and activate the Two-Factor Security Option on our site. We recommend activating it on all important sites. Remember that SMS verification is not safe!

- Do not give personal information to other users, name surname or email endanger your account.

- Pay attention to the links that a user can send you, they could be used to find your ip, copy the site and search for it in google

- Always check the telegram id of a contact who writes to you. it could be a scammer pretending to be us. the name may be the same but the id will not be.

- We will not send you messages via social networks or comments on youtube. beware of who pretends to be us.

- We recommend you to contact our support for the first deposit and to save our wallet addresses on your "favorite wallets list". We will never change our wallet addresses.

- We will never send you emails or messages with requests for personal info or payment, so in case you notice any suspicious change or message please contact our support for confirmation!


Athena Crypto Bank will not be responsible for any losses suffered by those who do not respect this security protocol!

Do not deposit if you are unsure and contact our Telegram Support !

Telegram Support: @AthenaCryptoBank

We are a community-based investment group focused exclusively on blockchain technology and the digital currency ecosystem.