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Affyn will build a sustainable play-to-earn metaverse on the Polygon blockchain that integrates the best of both the virtual world and the real world. A play-to-earn metaverse that allows players to start playing and earning without any initial fee.

To ensure the rewards remain attractive to existing and new players in the long run, Afffyn found the solution to maintain a sustainable and growing game economy. Mobile geolocation-based gaming is on the rise, and Affyn will become the pioneer of the mobile play-to-earn category in the blockchain space.Users who earn FYN do not have to convert into fiat currency to use in the real world. Affyn provides special privileges and benefits when they pay in FYN.



Ticker: $FYN

Token Type: Polygon

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000



Road Map 



Q4  2021 - Q1 2022

  • Design and technical specifications initiation –Initial Phase
  • NEXUS (Virtual world) services:
  • Storyboard development, design and architecture documentation
  • Lifestyle (Real world) services: Design and architecture documentation
  • Fund raising process
  • Security audit checks
  • Mass marketing campaign (e.g. engaging influencers)
  • Affyn trailer video
  • Official FYN token listing
  • NEXUS gameplay teaser


Q2 - Q3 2022

  • Development –Alpha Phase
  • NEXUS (Virtual world) services
  • Development of NEXUS world with primary layout
  • Development of NFT marketplace
  • Development of 3D animation (e.g. buddies, characters)
  • Lifestyle (Real world) services
  • Development of products & services feature
  • Pre-sale of virtual land accepting FYN
  • Security audit checks
  • Brand awareness marketing
  • Fund grants for artists and creators to produce NFTs on Affyn
  • Target to list on more exchanges


Q4 2022 -Q1 2023

  • Development –Beta Phase 1.0
  • NEXUS (Virtual world) services
  • Development of NEXUS world with enhanced features
  • Development of 3D animation –expanded
  • Development of augmented reality
  • Functional NFT marketplace with Affyn/user NFT listing enabled
  • Lifestyle (Real world) services
  • Functional products & services feature
  • Collaboration and partnerships with B2B merchants
  • Security audit checks
  • Brand awareness marketing
  • Host campaigns and contests for NFT designs
  • Target to list on reputable exchanges


Q2 - Q3 2023

  • Development –Beta Phase 2.0
  • NEXUS (Virtual world) services
  • Development of NEXUS world with enhanced features
  • Development of 3D animation –expanded
  • Functional earn and reward features
  • Functional NEXUS shop for reward booster, in-game items and etc.
  • Lifestyle (Real world) services
  • Special events, parties and activities
  • Partnership with B2B merchants and partners
  • Subscription model implementation
  • Security audit checks
  • Brand awareness marketing


Q4 2023 - Q1 2024 onwards

  • Development
  • NEXUS (Virtual world) services
  • Functional NEXUS world with 3D animation
  • B2B advertisement services enabled
  • Lifestyle (Real world) services
  • Expanded use cases for FYN tokens
  • Collaboration with B2B merchants and partners for merchant listing and advertising
  • Security audit checks
  • Brand awareness marketing
  • Target to list on more reputable exchanges






Founder / CEO - Lucaz Lee 

CMO - Christina Yip

CDO - Dennis Wan

CTO - Franklin Chuah

Game Director - Calvin Tee

Director of Public Relations - Tammie Chew

Director of Strategic Partnership - Janice Shan Koh

Vice President of Operations - Zac Chen

Growth Analyst - Alvin Chia

Blockchain / Game Developer - Lim Zi Sheng






Website: https://www.affyn.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/affynofficial

Telegram: https://t.me/affynofficial

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/YSAdvZuGD2



Athena is participating in the private sale.



Price: $ 0.065

Release: Q1-2022

0% immediate, 6M break

5.5% every 30days

Risk: 30% Profit: Medium

Project rating: 8




The project is worth attention and Affyn is certainly something innovative and follow the Metaverse trend. The project appear to have solid structure behind ang has good potential; however, the long vesting and the chance to meet a bearish market create a certain risk

If you want to participate, register, go to the investments page and select Affyn plan.

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